torsdag 29. september 2011


i used DRAGOART.COM for the main idea for my drawing, i chose an image of an elf girl, but i did not use her ears of course,l but i decided to use the way her hair and body was structured. for the shading/shadows, used a realistic image of a woman and she had almost the same body structure and angle as my drawing did and so it was perfect. i have put both these images on my blog.


when a part of my planning stage was to make four s


torsdag 25. august 2011

Task given and progress

The task that we were given was to make a realistic looking drawing of a face and to use lines to help with details. so far i have finished drawing lines and have started drawing my drawing im drawing aphrodite and all i have yet is the drawing itself sort of because i have to shade it in/make shadows + make the picture itself more realistic which pretty much is by shading in/making shadows!!